We have chosen this market niche, and narrowed it further, because it is a process that has always fascinated and intrigued us.
It has ancient origins, but still today it is brilliant and fundamental for the industrialization of the product and the simplification of production processes.
We do not deal with standard products, we like challenges and where others fail we persevere.
For this reason we are market leaders in stainless steel investment casting and masters in the “tailor made” art that our customers are looking for.

What we do

We realize your projects making components in investment casting belonging to a wide range of industrial sectors.
The goal is to provide a high quality product, industrializing the production process, reducing machining steps and the overall costs.
We are able to provide raw, semi-finished, finished and ready-to-use investment casting parts.
We are expert in machining, heat treatments and surface finishing.
We also offer the choice of product customization by inserting logos, batches and production dates.

Investment casting of
stainless steel is


We have a deep knowledge of investment casting, dealing with it for over 30 years.
We know the advantages, but also the weaknesses.
For this reason your project must be examined by our technical department before proceeding with the quotation.
Your component will be optimized and made suitable for investment casting with a single goal: making a high quality product, not only compliant with the drawing, but that works!


We collected a large amount of laboratory test data during the past decades.
A deep understanding of material behavior and process is fundamental to guide our customers to the choice of the best material for its application.
We are focused on continuous improvement of our service and in the products certification.


Best price at any cost? Where are sent your drawings?
Industrial projects, in a globalized market, are priceless since they represent the know-how of a company and its advantage over competitors.
We don’t spam drawings to any foundry to get the best quotation.
We chose very well our partners because we care and protect your information.


We don’t like those who make unrealizable promises to win an order, blaming the other supply chain steps for not respecting the delivery times.
We at A.G. Trading always keep what has been agreed. There are no verbal agreements with us.
We know that the only way to avoid delays is a continuous and accurate scheduling.
Our customers already know that twe are realistic at any cost and the only modification possible is anticipation.


We are a trusted partner of leading companies in the Italian and European market.
Investment casting is a time-consuming process, we at A.G. Trading Clamps know this very well.
It requires seriousness and extreme attention and that’s why we manage each of your projects as if it were ours, because investment casting is our passion!


Can your supplier give you continuity even after extraordinary events?
This issue is gaining more and more importance, especially for products, such as investment casting, that require long lead times.
Have you ever wondered what would happen if your supplier or intermediary were challenged, if they were hit by a catastrophic event or simply if they had transport problems?
We at A.G. Trading Clamps carry out continuous stress test prevention and simulation activities to evaluate our solidity and guarantee our service.
A.G. Trading Clamps has increased its capital to 500,000€ and has two warehouses: one for the work peaks management and the other for the extraordinary events protection.

parts inspection

We carefully check each investment casting component at all production process stages.
Since it could undergo shrinkage, deformation and porosity, it is essential to perform an accurate inspection on all the pieces in order to reject the non-compliant ones.
For any information please contact our technical office.

For further information or to request a quote

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will respond to all your needs.